You, Me and Empty Words is an RPG game made by Charon.

Plot Edit

A story about Shintarou and his best friend Akino. Both spend a weekend at the hot springs and have fun together. At night, they drink together and Shintarou notices something different about Akino. What he doesn't know is that his friend was actually born as a girl.

The game is based on a true story.

Endings Edit


BAD END: "Disappearance" Edit

If Shintarou chooses not to assault Akino, their friendship will remain safe but Akino will suddenly disappear. Shintarou recalls that Akino went to search after someone named Sepia and wonders where his friend could be right now.


The truth about Akino

TRUE END: "Idea" Edit

If Shintarou chooses to assault Akino, Shintarou will force open Akino's top and notice his breasts, realizing he was actually born female. Akino will become upset with Shintarou's betrayal and stabs the back of his neck with a broken CD. Shintarou dies realizing that he had broken Akino's trust and the last thing he sees is his crying face.

An epilogue comes after that, years after the murder. It features Akino in a train talking to himself, lamenting how nobody accepted his decision to live as a boy. The story ends with Akino saying that now he must live with the guilt and sin for killing Shintarou.

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