Wheel of fate is a character game in Chloe Kong And Friends The House of the dead Special Eddition

When is the Wheel Of fate to attack using the duplicate the orbs with the Four Bosses Judgment(Zeal only) Hierophant Tower(Blue Snake Only) The Black Dragon

Story Edit

Wheel of fate when Chloe and Angel is got Him To attack the wheel of fate to unknown Wheel Of Fate's Weak point on his Chest When The Wheel turns around when is using with the bosses to Fight all when is starts usining Zeal and Hierophant and the Black Dragon But then Chloe ingrade to defeat Wheel Of Fate is dead When is Explosion With Him But then is gone when Chloe to attack wheel of fate Also Appears in Then

Triva Edit

Wheel O fate is got Magicin is in Same like Emperor From THE house of the dead 2 He is also to

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