War of Two Worlds

Creator: MarkC

Release: 2005 (Updates until 2010)

Genre: Fantasy RPG

Gameplay Time: 20 Hours +

Status Completed

Completion: Full


War of Two Worlds is a stand alone game that deals with a man named Kersh and his friends who become involved in a worldwide quest for power.


A civil war has been raging on the East Continent of the world for the past 6 months. An unstable King to the south part of the continent is in a quest for power to control the whole land and spread his influence to the western continent and eventually the world.

However, Kersh, a simple man living in the village of Mika, in the middle of the conflict, embarks on a seemingly innocent dare to visit a deserted island. However that visit changes his life. Little does he know that a discovery he makes on that island is linked to the mad king to the south.



The main character of the game. Lives in Mika Village.


Kersh's friend and mentor. Lives in Mika Village.


Kersh's friend, see's Kersh as a mentor to him. Lives in Mika Village.


A mysterious man the party meet in Winding. What is his true nature?


A religious lady devoted to keeping peace in the land.


The Queen of Marnek, currently married to Drake.


A mysterious girl imprisoned by Marnek for some unknown reason. She holds some sort of power.


A pilot trained in the settlement of Dracogaia.


Captain of the Marnek Knights.


Drake's right-hand man.


A mysterious man who is helping Drake, but does he have his own agenda?


The king of Marnek. Main villain of the game.


East Continent:

West Continent:

Other areas:


  • Midi
  • MP3

Music for this game was ripped from the following games: Final Fantasy IV-XIII, Suikoden I-II, Suikoden Tactics, Breath of Fire series, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Tales of Vesperia and many more.


War of Two Worlds is generally regarded as gaining mixed reception from the RPG Maker community.

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