VirusChris: The Nazo Twilight Gems

Creator: VirusChris (Chris Nunes)

Release: 2007

Genre: Action/Adventure Fantasy Role-Playing game

Gameplay Time: 10 hours(estimate)

Status: In development

Completion: 0%

ESRB Rate: T for Mild Language and

Fantasy Violence

Website: VirusChris Website

VirusChris: The Nazo Twilight Gems is a game being made by a teenage boy using the RPG Maker XP and is a sequel to "VirusChris: Power of the Nazo Virus" which is based on his manga series also called "VirusChris". The game is covers the Nazo Twilight Gems arc of the story of "VirusChris".


Coming soon...


The HeroesEdit

Chris (sprite character)

Chris as appearing in the VirusChris games

Chris Yuushi: The Main hero of the series.

George Genkotsu: Description coming soon...

Ami Roze: Description coming soon...

Vincent Dirge: Description coming soon...

The VillainsEdit

Organization Light: The main enemies in the series.

Future AppearancesEdit

Will appear in the next VirusChris games.

Locations Edit

Heaven Hill - Chris's Home: Chris's Home and starting point.

Gameplay Edit

  • Real Time Battle


Custom Sprites and Battlers graphic by Chris


Default music by RPG Maker XP



None so far


None so far


  • None so far...

See AlsoEdit

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