As part of my Admin duties, I have been making some changes. I have made some aesthetic changes as well as enabled some features.

Below is a list of some of the things I have added or changed to the wikia:

  • I have made some changes in the Theme Designer
  • Background will be blue until I make a graphic to replace it.
  • Links, Buttons, and the Header is also blue.
  • The main part of the site is gray.
  • I've created and added a wordmark graphic.
  • I've protected some pages and templates.
  • Invisionary ‎and Abyssal leviathin's profile pages have been protected to prevent possible future vandalism.
  • Template:News has been protected as it will no longer be used and also for nostalgia sake.
  • I've been working on another template which will be replacing Template:News.
  • Some wiki features have been enabled.
  • Polls, blogs, article comments, category exhibition, message wall, forum and achievements are the current enabled features.

This is just a small list of changes that I've made so far. There will be plenty of more updates to come in the future.