UPDATE: I have become admin on this wikia after a successful adoption attempt. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on my message wall.

To anyone who may come across this blog, you may call me Trail.

I am making this blog to let you guys know that I plan to adopt this wiki as there hasn't been an active Admin/Bureaucrat on here since 2007. I have prior experience as an admin, so I feel confident in being able to handle an admin position here. As July 10, 2014, I have made 771 Edits.

If you support / do not support me adopting the wiki, please leave a comment below explaining why.

Update: I've sent a request to adopt this wikia. Click here to see the request.

On this wiki so far, I have..:

  • Created/Edited 4 templates: {{Delete}}, {{Infobox_Game}}, {{Inactive_Admin}} and {{NewsBlogs}}.
  • Cropped a few images that had unnecessary blank space.
  • Uploaded videos/images to the wiki and then added them to some articles.
  • Fixed typos and grammar.
  • Fixed vandalized pages.
  • Added info to pages.
  • Created new pages.
  • Categorized articles.

What I plan to do on this wiki if I get Admin/Bureaucrat..:

  • Continue to do all of the stuff that I've listed above.
  • I plan to use my {{Inactive_Admin}} and {{NewsBlogs}} templates.
  • Possibly promote a worthy user(s) to the admin position in the future
  • Remove spam pages.
  • Discipline abusive users.
  • Edit the wiki's appearance.
  • Protect pages if they become a target to vandalism.
  • Etc.