• Trail2006

    A few days ago, I created and added a new background image for this wikia. For now, I plan to keep this background and have no plans to change it in the future.

    On top of that, I've updated the ' templates to fit with the current theme.

    the main page is also still being worked on. I've added a box at the top which contains the wiki-wordmark as well as some statistics about this wikia. The bottom half of the main page will be worked on sometime in the near future.

    Additionally, I've been doing other behind-the-scenes work to make this wikia pretty and organized.

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  • Trail2006


    July 22, 2014 by Trail2006

    Over a couple of years ago, I learned about userboxes. I had created a userbox template for an old wikia I used to edit on before it lost its purpose. Now that I regularly edit here and I noticed it lacked such a template, I decided to add my old userbox template here.

    With the userbox template, you are able to create your own customized userbox that can be about anything(except anything that breaks the rules). Userboxes are to only be used on user profile pages. Below is an example of a userbox.

    If you need help with creating your own userbox, click here .

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  • Trail2006

    Some Recent Changes

    July 20, 2014 by Trail2006

    As part of my Admin duties, I have been making some changes. I have made some aesthetic changes as well as enabled some features.

    Below is a list of some of the things I have added or changed to the wikia:

    • I have made some changes in the Theme Designer
    • Background will be blue until I make a graphic to replace it.
    • Links, Buttons, and the Header is also blue.
    • The main part of the site is gray.
    • I've created and added a wordmark graphic.
    • I've protected some pages and templates.
    • Invisionary ‎and Abyssal leviathin's profile pages have been protected to prevent possible future vandalism.
    • Template:News has been protected as it will no longer be used and also for nostalgia sake.
    • I've been working on another template which will be replacing Template:News.
    • Some…
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  • Trail2006

    New Admin: Trail2006

    July 19, 2014 by Trail2006

    Hello everybody! You may call me Trail.

    If you haven't noticed, I sent an adoption request for this wikia a little over a week ago in an attempt to try to become an admin and bureaucrat since the last ones of those positions haven't been active since 2007. My request was a success and I am now an admin and bureaucrat.

    I will be making a ton of changes including removing anything unnecessary and making this wikia look more aesthetically appealing.

    If you want to leave feedback regarding the changes I have made, feel free to post it on my message wall .

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  • Trail2006

    To anyone who may come across this blog, you may call me Trail.

    I am making this blog to let you guys know that I plan to adopt this wiki as there hasn't been an active Admin/Bureaucrat on here since 2007. I have prior experience as an admin, so I feel confident in being able to handle an admin position here. As July 10, 2014, I have made Edits.

    If you support / do not support me adopting the wiki, please leave a comment below explaining why.

    On this wiki so far, I have..:

    • Created/Edited 4 templates: ' templates.
    • Possibly promote a worthy user(s) to the admin position in the future
    • Remove spam pages.
    • Discipline abusive users.
    • Edit the wiki's appearance.
    • Protect pages if they become a target to vandalism.
    • Etc.
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