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  • I am Ungender
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    Need help with story

    April 30, 2015 by DB511611

    I just started making a game with RPG maker and need help with the story. I have a basic idea about the plot which I'll explain now.

    The world of (unnamed) is unqiue as it uses a type of slime with little origin to power everything on the planet. The main antagonist (unnamed) whats to use this slime to create a new world order of robots. All the bosses are robots that (when defeated) drop the slime that powers them to create common enemies (Loose Slime, Developed Slime, etc.) The robots be defeated by the main protagonist (unnamed) and stop the main antagonist.

    I have no names for stuff yet or characters except for one side character. He is a frog merchant and sells you frogs that have a chance of either posioning you or healing you and lateā€¦

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