Toraware no Shoujo ("Caged Girl") is a freeware horror-adventure game by The Foxes made in RPG Maker VX Ace, released on 2015. It follows the story of Ai, a girl caged in the attic of her house by her father, and her attempt to jailbreak.


Spoilers ahead; read at your own risk.


The protagonist. Ai is an eight-year-old girl, the main character. She has never seen the outside world, caged in an attic with just some plushies and the occasional visits of the father Jugo. Soon in the game it becomes clear that she's sexually abused by the parent, and during her escape other pieces of her past are discovered regaining the diary pieces shattered around the house, revealing the meaning behind her imprisonment and the truth on her deceased mother. 


Ai's father, the one that caged her in the house. He has a psychotic personality, even if he declares to love Ai he won't hesitate to kill or hurt her rather than leave her free. He told Ai that she was the reason of her mother's death, but as discovered in the "diary piece #1" that trigger the good ending he was the real murderer of the wife, killed for the pedophile tendencies of the man that wanted a child to become his "true wife".


Ai's mother, she was a sickly woman married by Jugo just for his purpose, later poisoned to death by the man. She wrote a diary on a photo album buried under the floor. After discovering the truth on Misaki's death, the Good End becomes available.

Endings Edit

In the game, there are four different endings: three bad endings and a happy ending.

Bad End #1Edit

If Ai decides to not sleep and begins to dig immediately, the father will come back and discover her. She will be forgiven, but Jugo will enchain her to the wall to prevent other escapes, making it forever impossible for Ai to escape her prison.

Bad End #2Edit

If Ai decides to not take the knife with her, after her father's return she will be too scared and the keys will slip from her hands before she can open it. She then will scream at the father to set her free. Jugo grabs the knife than stabs her in an eye, saying that it will be the only method to take her with him forever. After this, Ai is chained to the bed, still alive but seriously wounded and unable to speak from the trauma, with Jugo feeding her happily.  

Mad EndEdit

If Ai takes the knife but doesn't search for Misaki's diary, she won't know her mother's past nor the truth about her father. At the door, Jugo will reach her, and Ai will point the knife at him. He will then taunt her saying that she wouldn't be able to survive the outside world without him, and attacks her. In the scuffle Jugo dies, and Ai will find that he had just bought a new teddy bear to her. She finally tries to flee, but his words reverberate in her head and she starts to panic, asking the dead father to wake up. After this, an emaciated Ai has gone insane supporting the dead man's body, telling him that she will never leave her dad until the very end. 

Happy EndEdit

If Ai find Misaki's diary, she will finally start to sincerely hate the father, then decide to cut all the bonds with the man. At the door, she point the knife to him, but when Jugo taunt her to kill him, she throw the knife away, screaming that she's not a murderer like him and fleeing. Outside, Jugo start to chase are, but he's hit by a car and dies. After the credits, we'll knew that a lot of time has passed and Ai has declared to "not be dad's wife anymore from a long time", she had harsh times but now she lives happily and in a last scene we can see her in a bridal dress, about to marry.

Trivia Edit

  • This is a thing that only few knows and create a semi-hidden death flag: Ai can escape her father from the attic when she choose to "sleep", because the parent will leave the door unlocked. If she can reach all the way to the front door, she'll find it locked, then Jugo will come and kill her for trying to escape.
  • This game was originally Italian; the English translation contains some mistakes because it was done by one of the authors.
  • Even a Japanese translation is in progress.
  • The game was developed by "the Foxes" duo, but since a big part of the work was done by Demon in the credits he's signed as the only author.
  • This is the first game of the duo that previously developed only a mini-game called Yume, without an english translation.

Download Edit

The english version of Toraware no Shoujo can be downloaded here.

The spanish version of Toraware no Shoujo can be downloaded here.

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