Time Lapse is a segments that goes faster and faster appearing in Chloe's Nutritions Mounts

Episode Us in: Edit

  • Chloe going to camping-Chloe and the stuff animals is run away from the scary sound from Mika Ella Dagatan, and Chloe And The Stuff animals was run away from By being Attcaked by a buch of Mosquitoes.
  • Juana when to town-Chloe Use the paper plate by Teacher Joy And Teacher Pat when is the fast motion To Chloe Gets Winner by a Walk like a duck
  • It Makes Me Snow-Winger And Muffin is making on a snowman with Frosty the snowman And Chloe and the Stuff animals quick runaway from the snow by attacking by a bunch of Storms
  • Best Halloween Day-Chloe And the stuff animals gets ready for the halloween costumes ready for trick or treat lots of candies and Chloe and the stuff animals is runaway from the scary ghost by ghost hunter
  • Chloe going club fortmend-Chloe And The Stuff animals quick runaway from the scary sounds with Alan the elf .The animals are racing the swiming pool Race.and Chloe and the others gets being attacking by a bunch of Killer bees
  • Falling on a tree-Muffin And Barney Was gets racing on a pig race is pulling on a rupe,Chloe was catch on a buttlerfly
  • Chloe's Game-Chloe was playing The House of The Dead 2 and 3's bosses modes
  • Fairytale story-In The Story of Three Little Pigs Muffin Playing Curly tail and Winger Whirly Tale was run away from Hugo playing the Big bad wolf and the three little pigs gets using on a tnt bomb,In the story The Lion And The Mouse Muffin playing Mouse is chewing the rope Hugo as the lion.The Story of Bambi, Bambi was played by Chloe was using to attack by a hunter dogs And Faline played by Winger when Winger is run away Bambi was runaway from the fire
  • My Home in Me-Hugo was Gets hit the pinata,Chloe Gets using the gun to defeat the bees and, Hugo gets Quick Kills Some Bumble Bees
  • Barney's New groove-Barney was crash on a toy car when Chloe and the stuff animals help Barney getting up
  • Hide to Hiding-Chloe,Nino,Angela and the stuff animals gets suprise from Mama Din
  • Rjadi Fleds The Waterfall-Hugo and Winger is race on a Sack race and Muffin,Hugo,Barney and Winger was made on peanut race and,,also Made a egg race,
  • Cleaning up-Muffin,Winger,Chloe,Hugo And Barney was attacking to killer Bees from the bumble bees
  • Big Hugo-Chloe and Muffin Was pushing to Hugo's belly When Barney And Winger was Bounsing on Hugo's belly, And Chloe,Muffin,Barney and winger was stinky by a huge big bowl smelly Farts Chloe,Muffin,Winger And Hugo runaway from the sinky big bowl of ,smelly farts,

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