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Background Changes Edit

  • in the first tree seasons. There`s a problem in Chloe Kong And friends Why There is a problem in the 3 o clock prayer in season 1 in the episode just plain creepy but the same it is creepy when is got him In the 3 o clock Prayer from Season 3 have a prayer effect on them with a comic of three o clock prayers in to pray is similar to the Chloe Kong and Friends in season 4 In The myphone they had a pink and purple with a hand prayer That shows the myphone Prayer is changing when Chloe Kong And friends When is Scrole in the screen with a only pictures and flashing and MMCS In Grade 1 2 3 and 4 there is a deleting scence The 3 o Clock prayer in MMCS School. in the tv with a orange color beside on Jesus That Changing on a prayer (Patty And The Little Jam) In The Myphone with a purple And pink on his Colors in myphone in Season 3 have a Prayer Effects on blur the background is similar to Chloe Kong And friends in same season. Season 3's credits of prayer of Season 2 which is the Prayer of Jesus. The Seventh prayer which is the myhpone prayer.
  • A picture of Jesus in the background red color that is changing Into Blurd when is done is flashing and patterns When is done similarty in Chloe Kong And friends are the same Pictures With Jesus on a color with black and yellow and orange that shows the abs cbn three o clock prayer was done similarty a background changing colors but the ends a prayer on the background changes
  • in Grade four and 5 a three o clock prayer shows dirffrent a deleting a three o clock prayer on T.Paul`s Laptop that shows the three o clock praer are rubbing and praying in segments Chloe Kong in Season 2 in the grade 1 2 3 and 4 when is the background on a prayers
  • in various prayer a Three o clock prayer on a ipad that shows was Done on a praying for the children parents that showing the myphone prayer on the afteroon in the background in the Gym Cebu a pictures of the three o clock prayer in the background screen with a pictures with Jesus And Mary in the pictures in the Grade 3 a pictures with Jesus And Mary is in Teacher Blasy`s Pictures with Jesus Mary and Joseph in the Closing programs Shows in the grade 3 End of Class
  • in The Guard house A Three o clock Prayer has been not appear is mentioned they only the angelus in Princess Fatima's Myphone prayer also in the background changes in season 5 in 2990 episode the prayer shows in Grade 3 in
  • In Grade 2 A three o clock prayer with Jesus is during music in Amazing Love In the laptop the picture of Jesus in Teacher Metchie`s Laptop In Chloe Kong And Friends same as the pictures with Jesus In The Left side in website wink in add a photo in the background pictures Flashing and with patterns With a webtie link in episode Season 1 2 3 In epiosde In The Late with builtin board in Teacher Blasy's Picture in The Season three
  • Later In The MMCS Nite A three o clock prayer makes a appearance in the Closing Programs (Jesus is Suffering in the cross) in Season 4's Closing Progams has is makes a cameo in the pictures in the screen
  • In Kinder 2 a three o clock prayer is in The School Also as appear in Kinder 2's Picture with Long Short Prayer 1997 -19912

Song Changing Edit

  • In The First season there is a praying in the background Changing if will Reuns of season 1 prayer of also too Reeuns shorted if you will reruns Also again
  • When Is The prayer background when is coloring materials
  • Caring the praying Background
  • No Caring this is life
  • The prayer was a song was the remix song of blessed be god

Prayer Edit

You Died Jesus But The source of life flowed out for the souls and the ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world of fountain of life Immeasurable divine mercy cover the hole world and empty yourself out upon up O Blood and water which flowed out from the heart of Jesus as a fountain of mercy for us I trust in you Holy God Holy Mighty One Holy In immortal one have mercy on us in the whole world Holy god holy god Holy Mighty one Holy Immortal One Have in the hole world Amen Jesus King of Mercy We Trust on you The Peace of our lady of the rosery

Series episode Edit

in episode The Star Scout And The Girl Scout the Three o Clock prayer Does not appear is mentioned(angelus only)

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

The Noise of the Myphone

MMCS In The Second Floor

Patty And the Little Jam

Season 2 Edit

Hugo Makes a splash

The Star Scout and the Girl Scout(mentioned only the angelus)

Season 3 Edit

Badies And Lands

Hugo`s Nightmare

Muffin And Hugo is disappear


Gallery Edit

Three o clock prayer

Jesus Using the power in the orange paper in the background of Season 2 and 3's end credits prayer start on

Original three O clock prayer

A flashback of three o clock prayer shown in Chloe Kong And Friends

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