The Chronicles of Lurian

Creator: TheSquirrel (J. Bernardo)

Release: 2008

Genre: Fantasy Role-Playing Game

Gameplay Time: Demo: about 2 hours (estimate)

Status: In Development

Completion: 7%

ESRB Rate: T for Mild Language and Crude Humor

Tagline: Your future is your past.

The Chronicles of Lurian (ルリアンの伝説 Lurian no Densetsu) is a upcoming game by me, TheSquirrel. It's the story of three young people whose unexpected task of saving the world suddenly becomes a odyssey to save existence itself. It's being made in RPG Maker VX and is currently on Beta stage. The demo is to be released on 25 August, 2008.

Plot Outline Edit

Adam Radcliffe is a young boy that has been living on the city of Drostrix since childhood. Having lost his mother in birth and his father when he was five, he promised himself not to be sad over it and kept living as it never happened. Having his grandfather as his last remaining relative, he kept striving to be what his dad always wanted him to be: a brave, proud member of the Radcliffe family. A couple of years later, he meets Lilith Rockefeller, who just arrived from the capital city of Bellastra. Quickly befriended by Adam, Lilith soon becomes his best friend, and a year later they meet Julian Casablancas, a boy whose family founded the city of Drostrix. Adam, Lilith and Julian soon become best friends and start a good relationship over the years.

One day, Adam, Julian and Lilith were faced with something they didn't expect... and it wouldn't affect just them, it would affect the entire world surrounding them...

Characters Edit

  • Adam Radcliffe: A happy, street-smart boy from the city of Drostrix. Lost his parents early, but that didn't made him a lonely kid, instead their deaths were the pillar for his bravery and striving for being better and better. Is constantly training his swordsmanship in the sewers of the city. Although his skills are not that impressive, he can still be a good opponent. Best friends with Lilith Rockefeller and Julian Casablancas.
  • Lilith Rockefeller: The genius of the group, Lilith was born on the capital city of Bellastra on Middle Nardeon, but moved to Drostrix at an early age. Befriended Adam as soon as she arrived, becoming his first friend. Sometimes bicker with Adam and although being smart, doesn't likes to be acknowledged as such.
  • Julian Casablancas: The serious-looking guy, Julian's the oldest of the team. Born into the richest family of Drostrix (actually the family who founded the city), he was grown being taught in the family's art of economics. Like Adam, also lost his parents early, but unlike him, that has made Julian a rather lonely and cold man that keeps his cool to himself.

Graphics Edit

The majority of the game's graphics are from the original VX RTP. Only a minor change in the E Tile, with a dark four-tiled floor.

Music Edit

The game's music are ripped from the following games:

  • Final Fantasy VIII
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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