The Ancient Tablet

Title of Game

The Ancient Tablet is an upcoming game by alextech7, aka thechossen1 or techanstuff.

it is under prodeuction, and is a humerouse but again dark game, and according to alex is based off a comic he made, it is set to launch around 2011


You play as Alex, a depressed college student who lives in the city of Sassanam in the year 2023, he has a strange dream that states him as a chosen hero, he later meets up with his friends, Ben and Nick. Later, they bump into George, a Brave warrior from afar who comes to inform alex of a great threat, and Alex begins a journey encountering others in his quest for peace.



some of the main charectersthe v shape sprites are the main charecters...

Alex: The main charecter (Middle), he is a depressed but cheeful college student whose friends are Ben and Nick

Ben: The 2nd to join and is alex's good friend, he is nerdy and has pyrokenisis

Nick: A Link cosplayer, who is the 3rd member to join, he later discovers he is a decendent of the hero, Link.

Andy: The 4th to join, he is a ex-mobster soldier, who was abandoned in a underground city covered with Gorons

Drago: Their pet dragon, whom is the 5th to join

kinser: A super hero vampire and the 6th to join

Daryll: A half dragon and the last to join

3rd Party CameosEdit

alot of 3rd party charecters will appear some as part of the story

Gorons: the screenshot shows alot of gorons, meaning they'll appear.

Auron: in a former forum alex reviled auron would appear, as he asked for were he may download his voice

deadpool will appear..

all else is unknwon


.it is based of a comic i made in the 8th grade

.a sequal may come depending on how popular the game comes out..


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