Storyline Edit

In the world of Termina, are two continents. Both of them are inhabited by humans, but neither continent knows that the other existed. Desch, the Wintry Nation, has become the most powerful country on West (West is the name of the Western Continent). And the time has come for the Prime Minister to pass on his Sorceror powers to his successor. Once he chose his successor he passed his powers to him. But that was a mistake. The new leader, Bliz has new plans for the country. He doesn't plan on being kind and caring to his people. He wants to rule West. So he then launches a war on the bordering two countries, Omaph to the south, and Yimr to the east. And soon after he conquers both countries, he sends out the air force to explore the "endless" ocean for islands to annex to Desch. And while the air force is gone, Bliz walks over to the elderly Ex-Prime Minister and kills him. Once the air force returns they tell him about a "new" continent. And so then Bliz aims to control Termina.

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