Super Jonario RPG - Swords of the Seven Stars
Sjrpg titlescreen

Creator: Jonario (Jonathan Lee)

Release: January 30, 2007

Genre: Role-Playing game





Sjrpg jonario


Jonario Khan: The main character of the Super Jonario series. He's a protagonist character who's stops the human-evil goblin Robenzar's plans to kidnap Princess Joneatha and take over the castle. He's being taught from his dad name 'Hickey Khan' to be train on martial arts,

King Robenzar: A human-evil goblin who is antagonist Jonario by kidnapping Princess Joneatha to take over the castle.

Princess Joneatha: ???

Kiara Sa-Long: ???

Richie Master: ???

Code-Mon: ???

Kally: ???

Erik: ???

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