Super Hop the Border RPG


Creator: thewrongsorcerer

Release: Dec 21, 2012

Genre: RPG

Gameplay Time: 2 minutes (estimated)

Status Completed

Completion: 100% Complete


Original: mediafire

Game of the Year Edition: mediafire

Holiday Special Edition: mediafire

Super Spooky Edition: mediafire

2016 Edition : mediafire

Super Hop the Border RPG is a free role-playing game made by thewrongsorcerer in RPG Maker 2003. The game seems to be made as a joke as its trailer claims that it was made in only 2 hours.

There are five different versions of this game including the "Game of the Year Edition" and the Holiday Special Edition.


You are Juan, a Mexican looking for a better life in America. You must face great challenges in your attempt to hop the border.


  • Juan - A Mexican who wants a better life in America
  • Bandito - (GOTYE onward)
  • Border Patrol - Protectors of the US/Mexican border
  • The Klan - (GOTYE onward)
  • Trump - (2016 edition)
  • Mystery Summon - His time is now

Locations Edit

  • Mexico
  • The Border
  • America


All graphics were made by thewrongsorcerer.


  • Title Theme - Mariachi Live Music - Mexican Mariachi band play Traditional songs by ascoltalamusicavideo
  • Mexico (Classic - La Cucaracha by Mariachi Aguila Real
  • Mexico (New and Improved) - (GOTYE only) La Cucaracha by thewrongsorcerer
  • Mexico (GOTYE) - (GOTYE only) - Sombody that i used to know by Super8bitmusic
  • Battle Theme - Best Mariachi Music by various artists
  • Victoly - (GOTYE only) Victoly by thewrongsorcerer
  • America - The Star Spangled Banner

Special EditionsEdit

In addition to the original, this game has 4 special editions.

  • Game of the Year Edition
  • Holiday Special Edition
  • Super Spooky Editon
  • 2016 Edition


This game has received mostly positive reviews including a score of 10/10 by xGhostProtocolx.

The Super Spooky edtion also got xGhostProtocolx's Best Horror Game of 2014.

External linksEdit


xGhostProtocolx's Let's Play:

Holiday Special Edition Trailer:

Super Spooky Hop the Border RPG Trailer:

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