Steve`s Mother in Minecraft The Movie when is the apotive mother of Steve when is voice by Russi Taylor when is the grandaugther of Kira

Steve`s Mother

Spice: Sheep Eyes: Black Alignment:Good Home: Paline`s Den Realtive: Steve (son) Paline (daugther) Flasher (hasbond) Kira (granddaugther Romu (grandson) Quotes: "FASTER FASTER STEVE DON`T COME BACK KEEP RUNNING KEEP RUNNING RUNNING' ``you a sheep princess

Minecraft The Movie Edit

Steve`s Mother in the Beginning in the movie when is son of Steve But Steve had a baby in the night when Steve grows into a Boy cub but Steve had worrying About Him Steve`s Mother was Killed by Sagor In the battle Steve has a flashback about mother died but she pulls him

Minecraft The Movie 2 Edit

Steve`s Mother as she appears in The Spirit ghost When telling Kira what is happen To Kira The Next Night Steve has a dreaming Nightmare about mother died when Sagor into Romu Tries to throw Steve

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