Steve is a Character in Minecraft The Movie And Minecraft The Movie 2 When is friends Wolven Jewel Pig And Lila and her Mates Paline when unnamed her parents

Apperances Edit

In Minecraft The Movie When in the beginning Steve had a baby when Flasher takes Steve`s Mother when Ruda explaned Sagor Takes attacking Steve`s Mother but then She was killed by Sagor and Kai And Rajan had taking of his mother when Flasher tells Steve that could not his Mother telling

Minecraft The Movie 2 Edit

When Steve had Paline`s Daughter named Kira had Felt so sad that could not him When Steve`s Mother`s spirit about kira tells grandmother that his friends But Flasher tells about own birth In the night Steve is Dreams About her mother`s death when Steve tries to climb him but Sagor Turns into Romu try to Kill Steve Him Steve starts Panting it was next To Paline In the Movie Steve songs about Not one of you when Romu tells him Steve angry that kira was reaching Romu When is got relly Him at the end of the movie Steve had to be Promising from Romu Happy familly

Minecraft 2 Edit

Steve is in Minecraft in The Episode Never Judge The Living of a Wolf in Season 1 Steve meets Jasari had other song ``We are (sina wa) same tune as We are The same (sisini sawa)

Gallery Edit


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