Starlight Saga is a title that was under construction by Viviroth, but was never finished due to lack of USD,$$$,money,ect.

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[edit] Story

It is a time of peace. A time when humans are ignorant to what is happening around them. A time when mighty elementals that fed life to the world are dying.

  An odd man named Kellmere (reffered as ??? for most of the game) seeks an artifact known as the shadow blade. But that story is millions of years after the begining...
  10,000,000 years ago, the four almighty gods, Zere-khal-um (Fire), Kell-mere-pallo (Ice), Sel-mor-heim (Wind), and Bow-shad-hizzar (Earth) created a utopian society known only as "The World". To the Gods, The World was a creation. Unlike to the Mar-Dem, who thought The World should have belonged to them.
  The Mar-Dem were beings created at the same time as the Gods. Mar-Dem were much like the gods opposite. Though they harnessed the same element, they lacked valor, nobility, respect, or trust. The Mar-Dem were different in a way. Rather than making all-powerful elementals, they created armies of weaker creatures.
  Soon, the Mar-Dem challenged the gods for power. If not for the bravery, and foolishness, of the elementals, the Mar-Dem would have easily gained victory. The elementals used much of their power to create a new race. These were the humans.
  The humans did not come close to the power of the Mar-Dem, but they destroyed the lesser creatures. The Mar-Dem fell back, until now...

[edit] Characters

Zere: The rightful king of the land known as StarShore. He was attacked while in an area called Castle Stoneheim, and was lost in the darkness of those who died. Zere is the reincarnation of Zere-khal-um, he can wield the Shadowblade.

Dragoon: A former guard of Castle Stoneheim. He was lost after the attack, and is shortly found by Zere. He commands the element of thunder.

Gabu: A goblin raider who once attacked traveling caravans. Gabu was found by Zere, and they fought. Gabu was skilled, and could easily defeat Zere or Dragoon with his Wind Dance skill. Zere managed to barely win, but spared Gabu. Gabu now owes Zere a life debt.

Seth: A pirate who commands a ship known as "The Blue Stallion". Seth attacked Zere for boarding his ship, but after losing figured that Zere could help him. They made a deal. If Zere helped Seth find the legendary treasure of the Darkness Elemental, then Seth would accompany Zere on his journey to StarShore.

Kellmere: The reincarnation of Kell-mere-pallo, Kellmere can wield the Shadowblade. Kellmere is fought 3 times in the storyline. He survives each time. Zere understands that Kellmere is much stronger than he is, so he belives Kellmere's empty threats. Kellmere would not kill Zere, because he needs him to gather the hearts of the Pure Elementals. He wants to sacrifice the hearts to summon a dark creature known as "The Dragoth".