Shihori Escape is an RPG game made by Charon.

Plot Edit

Kitarou wakes up in his house, dazed and confused about his current situation. He wanders around his house, collecting scraps of paper and remembering a girl named Shihori. As he progresses, he slowly realizes that there's something sinister going on.

Endings Edit


Bad End: The Shape of Your Love Edit

If Kitarou tries to leave the house, Shihori will appear behind him with a knife to his throat. She claims that everything she had done was all for him. She decides that since he tried to leave her twice (breaking up with her and trying to leave the house), she should kill him and herself shortly after.

True End: The Shape of My Love Edit

If Kitarou stays in the house and goes back to bed, he will pull back the sheets to reveal Shihori's corpse. He will remember back when she tried to break up with him. Enraged, he strangled her to death and had been keeping her corpse ever since.

Episode End: Misao Edit

After receiving both endings and inputting the bonus scenario password, a new ending will play to reveal that Shihori was talking to Misao about her feelings for Kitarou. After hearing her worries, Misao advises her that if the relationship ever goes bad, then the easiest solution would be to kill Kitarou.

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