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Seven Mysteries is a Vietnamese horror RPG game based off of the "Seven Mysteries of Fudo High".


Late at night, several students in a cursed school encounter a string of supernatural events. One student, Tuan, goes on a supposedly fun treasure hunt, only to discover a notebook, which holds a dangerous secret. What is it and how does it connect to the "curse" on the school?


What the player does in the game will affect what ending they will get.

Bad End 1Edit

If Tuan uses the first aid kit on his eye, he will immediately be chased down by a mysterious shadow. The next morning, he wakes up in the infirmery where the nurse informs him that Sang found him and brought him in. Tuan goes into homeroom and thanks Sang for helping him. Sang and My, another character who suffered from an illusion, explain the curse on the school. Tuan then decides to transfer out of the school due to all the strange events. He goes into the headmaster's office and tells him that he wants to transfer out, which he gladly accepts. After ten minutes, Tuan notices something weird is happening and then notices the notebook from before. He recalls everything that Sang said earlier in the classroom and realizes that he's the murderer. When Tuan tries to make a run for it, Sang enters and stabs him to death. He takes his corpse to the secret room where all the other bodies are, rotting away. It's also revealed that the headmaster is in on it and praises Sang for his work.

Bad End 2Edit

If Tuan decides to not use the medical kit right away, he will instead confide in Sang that there's a secret room in the building and they need to find it. Sang leads him to a mirror-filled room and shoves him inside. This will start up the next chapter and also reveal the truth why the headmaster is working with Sang and reveal a string of murders that have happened in the past, starting with Thuy. Tuan wi


he knife, will knock out Sang. He will then barricade the room and return to the library. Not long after, Sang will burst through the door and stab Tuan repeatedly and mockingly state that he failed.

Happy EndEdit

If Tuan goes through the same sequence in the second bad ending and doesn't get the knife, but knocks out Sang, he will escape. He will pick up the pen that he aparentally dropped and Sang will burst through the room. He will shout at Tuan, asking him if he thinks that he can escape. He grabs a knife from a cabinet and prepares to kill Tuan. Tuan uses his pen to kill Sang and goes back to the library to await midnight. The school is then be shut down, the headmaster will be arrested for his crimes and Linh, the boy who wrote the notebook entries, will look over the closed school before walking away.

True EndEdit

If Tuan puts in the correct password, he'll take the knife out and stab Sang just as he enters the secret room. He will be believed to be the murderer and sent to a mental institution. It's believed that he will soon be killed by the group.

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