Roco was the alias used by a female graphics artist who contributed many character sets and facesets to the rpg maker community. Due to their high quality, they went into wide usage very quickly upon their release. This popularity led to a great loss to the community, however. Roco was frustrated by the lack of credit she was getting for her resources, and retired from the RPG making community due to this perceived lack of gratitude.


Roco is probably most famous for her facesets. Among these are remakes of the RTP facesets, facesets of various Mack and Blue characters, and even some original facesets. Her facesets were praised because of their high quality. She was also one of the first graphics artists to create multiple expressions for facesets, a trend that continued in the many fan-edits of her graphics.

Roco's facesets fall under a few basic categories:

  • Custom (early period)
  • Custom (portrait excerpts)
  • RTP Remake
  • Mack and Blue

Color edits of her facesets are also relatively common. Facesets made by Roco have appeared in many popular "classic" RPG Maker games such as the Legion Saga series, but there are too many to list them all here.


The character sets made by Roco have seen as much, if not more use than her facesets. Most of the sprites she created have a corresponding face set to go with them.


Much less widely known, are the portrait images Roco made. These images are detailed anime-style drawings. Some of her face sets were created by cropping these larger pictures.

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