All presented materials amateur and professional are the property of their respective creators.

All copyrighted material present on this wiki is the sole responsibility of the person that put it there. We therefore indemnify this wiki and Wikia, Inc. against any losses incurred from copyrighted material being present on one or more of this wiki's articles.

We also will suffer no hostings of illegal game creation software nor any direct links to downloads thereof. Any and all illegal game creation software uploaded or links found which directly result in an attempt to download said software from this wiki or elsewhere are forbidden and are removed whenever they are noticed.

We are not and never intend to become competition with the other RPG Maker sites out there. We are a universal utility that hosts no games and accepts only donated literary articles from other RPG Maker sites. Exhibitionary articles which display more than one of the same variety of graphical or auditory resource are forbidden. (of course, exhibitions which contain only ONE of each type are allowed to exist, solely as examples of the different types)

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