Why is the Wiki here?Edit

Wikia itself has no opinion or prior involvement with the RPG Maker community. In that sense, wikia is completely neutral to the various factions within the RM community. That is why the wiki is here. It can not be influenced in favor of one faction or another, as compared to RM wikis on clearly RM sites such as which are ultimately controlled by a non-neutral party. That is why it is perfect for this wiki to be hosted here.

Why should I contribute to RMwiki?Edit


By filling out pages based on your projects and games, you potentially expose them to more people. Always a good thing.


You're making the RPG Maker Community thrive!

I seriously can't think of anything more fun than helping the independent game design field. --Invisionary 08:46, 11 January 2007 (UTC)

Help the communityEdit

The more info there is available, the better things are.

Get to Be KnownEdit

By having a vanity page people can learn about you and your fame will grow! And maybe your screenname will pick up a few more results on google.

What are the rules?Edit

Read The Big Page of Rules.

How do I create a page?Edit

Name of the article you wish to make:

How do I edit a page?Edit

RPG Maker Wiki, like other large wiki projects (such as Wikipedia) is based off of the Mediawiki software. For information on how to edit and create pages, please see the 'Editing Wikipedia' article on

Editing Wikipedia

How do I use the templates?Edit

Simply copy and paste the source code from the template into the page you're creating, then edit the pasted code to your own taste.

Can I make a page about _______?Edit

Read the rules for vanity pages on the rules page.

Can I upload _______?Edit

Read the rules for uploading on the rules page.

How do I post images into my article if I can't host them here?Edit

Use [image-url-here Display text here]

The idea was that you post url links, in brackets, as pasting just the URL turns the URL into a hotlink of the image. Then the fact that it doesn't handle hotlinked images well becomes trivial, as it won't hotlink at all when it's in brackets. Sorry, there's no way to resize images not hosted on the wiki.

What's the catch?Edit

No catch, RMwiki offers you the chance for free easy advertising. However, it would be appreciated if you contribute in ways other than for the benefit of your own work.

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