Pokemon Night Sky

Creator: Silver_Zero

Genre: Fantasy

Status: Early stages of creation


A new fanmade Pokemon game with new Pokemon. It is being made with RPG Maker XP.

Story Edit

You are a 12-year-old boy/girl who lives in a new Pokemon region. You and your friend go out in the woods in search of an ancient pokemon, when you meet a pokemon professor, Professor Redwood. He and his assistant go back to their lab, and accidentally leave a case full of 3 Pokeballs, the three starter Pokemon. When you and your friend use the pokemon to protect yourself, you bond with your Pokemon, and keep them in your journey into the Pokemon world.

The story revolves around a new villanous team, Team Cosmic, who seeks the 4 spatial Pokemon in order to create a new world in space, ruled by Team Cosmic. The 4 Spatial Pokemon are Solendia, the Sun Pokemon; Lunis, the Moon Pokemon; Agius, the Comet Pokemon; and Atroxus, the Eclipse Pokemon. All 4 are powerful and said to come from space. They hide in 4 towers all around the region.

New Pokemon Edit

Pokemon Night Sky has many new Pokemon, some evolving from pre-existing Pokemon. Some other pre-existing Pokemon are in the game too.

Evolutions of pre-existing Pokemon Edit

Unnamed: Normal, pre-evolution of Zangoose

Unnamed: Fire, evolution of Zangoose

Unnamed: Poison, pre-evolution of Seviper

Unnamed: Poison/Steel, evolution of Seviper

Unnamed: Dark/Steel, evolution of Absol

Sepisprite: Dark, pre-evolution of Sableye

Unnamed: Dark/Ghost, evolution of Sableye

Unnamed: Fire/Flying, evolution of Rapidash

Hexakiss: Ice/Psychic, evolution of Jynx

Furion: Dragon, evolution of Eevee

Diamonix: Steel/Ground, evolution of Steelix

Unnamed: Water, pre-evolution of Lapras

Unnamed: Bug/Steel, evolution of Scizor

Anterra: Ground/Psychic, evolution of Claydol

New Pokemon Edit

Polaristar: Water/Psychic

Legendary Pokemon Edit

Unnamed: Rock/Grass

Unnamed: Rock/Fire

Unnamed: Rock/Water

Solendia: Psychic/Fire

Lunis: Psychic/Water

Agius: Psychic/Ghost

Atroxus: Dark/Ghost

Protagonists Edit

You: The main character

Friend: Your best friend

Redwood's Assistant: A girl you're friends with

Antagonists Edit

Team Cosmic: An evil team of Pokemon stealers who want to create and rule a world in space by taking the 4 Spatial Pokemon.

Requests Edit

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