Pokemon Crimson Red

Creator: VirusChris (Chris Nunes)

Release: Unknown

Genre: Fantasy Role-Playing

Gameplay Time: About 8 or more hours(estimate)

Status In development

Completion: 3%

ERSB Rate: E10+

Website: {{{web}}}

A fanmade Pokemon game using the RPG Maker XP to make it.


In the region of sinnoh a young tranier with trust in thier pokemon will becom the pokemon league


Good Guys Edit

'Main Character: with the choice of three starters which are Earthore, Flamero, and Creewave 'Sasha/Ryan: travels with you, has whatever pokemon weakens yours

Amy/Myron: travels with you, has whatever pokemon you weaken

Locations Edit

A Pokemon World, of course.

swallow town: The starting city where the main character gets his first Pokemon and the biggest city in the ice berge regeon.

Gameplay Edit

Same as any other pokemon game

New Light-type Pokemon!

New Pokemon only appearing in every color! also ulta rare pokemon such as mewtwo,lugia,ho-oh,giratina,uxie,mespit,azelf,articuno and many more

Shadow Pokemon return, but are catchable.

New evil Pokemon who's light has been twisted, Twisited Pokemon! All 493 Pokemon can be captured,including god of light,fire,grass,water,ghost,dragon,steel and dark