Paranoiac is a horror supernatural RPG game by Uri. 


Three years after her aunt's death, Miki Takamura moves into her late aunt's unattended house. Everything seems normal at first, but after her first night in the house, things make a sudden turn. A strange creature starts chasing her at night, strands of hair appear in strange places, and odd sounds echo throughout the house. Are all these events caused by supernatural forces or is Miki slowly losing her mind?


Miki Takamura (Playable character)Edit

The lead female protagonist and niece of the late Saeki. She is a romance novelist who suffers from depression. Her relationship with her mother is strained because of her mother's hysteria. She believed that moving to her aunt's house would help her, but once the strange events start, her sanity slowly starts waning.

Shinji MiuraEdit

Miki's current and Saeki's former neighbor. He is the only one who talks to Miki while she's at her aunt's house. He's a kind-hearted person and is very understanding about Miki's situation. He also seems to be the only one who knows what's really going on.


Miki Takamura's late aunt and the late sister of Miki's mother. Prior to the game, she was diagnosed a few months pregnant with a child. However, after a while, her child died, which sent her into postpatrum depression. Her sister laughed at her child's death and her husband left her, resulting in her mental state shattering. She became paranoid of everyone around her and even believed that Miki hated her and wanted her to die. She eventually committed suicide by hanging herself in her room. Once Miki moves into her house, she chases after her, trying to make amends with her, but she is unaware of her terrifying appearance.What the player chooses to say in the end will affect how Miki responds.


Unlike other Uri RPG games, there are two endings available for this game.

Bad EndingEdit

If Miki chooses to believe that the monster is a hallucination, she will confront the monster in the room where her aunt hanged herself and claim that it isn't real. The monster will walk towards her and kill her. Her body will be found in the basement by Shinji.

Good EndingEdit

If Miki chooses to believe that the monster is real, she will demand that Shinji leave her alone and ask her mother to take her away from the house because of the monster. Her mother will laugh at her daughter's crying, will call her crazy and tell her to hang herself like her sister. That night, Miki will hear noises coming from the room where her aunt hanged herself and enter. The monster will be dangling from a noose and immediately chase her. Miki will run into the basement where the monster's identity is revealed to be Saeki. Miki and Saeki reconcile and Saeki will embrace her, which knocks her out. The next morning, Shinji finds her and calls an ambulance for her. Afterwards, all the strange events will stop and Miki will finally be at peace with herself. Miki will be diagnosed with schizophrenia and she and her mother will be sent to an institution for treatment. Shinji bids Miki farewell and Miki will leave her aunt's house for the time being.

Trivia Edit

  • There may be a Paranoiac movie. Not really.
  • Saeki appears to be based off a teke teke, which is a ghost that is missing their lower half and crawls with their hands.

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Foyer of Miki's house.


Dining room.