Paline is a female sheep in Minecraft when is a lamb and a adult hood is Steve`s Love interest she is Voice By Vena sood and adult


Story Edit

Paline is a lamb that she is a female sheep when here mother Saberina and Steve likes Steve's mother when she has a children female sheep named Kira tell his grandmother that she had new friend Steve and Paline's daughter Kira and her friend Romu is a mushroom cow his wife Kira and Hasbond Romu came to life but then Nuko And Romu's Mother about then Romu's Mother bringing Romu Take to the nether den When Paline To Steve had is Daughter Kira the sheep When Is gone back to the barn Kira tells his mother and father that is got real When Vatona is gone when the outlanders vs sheeplanders when Steve is the leader of Paline When is the got Then Steve Telling about the sheep Landers At The end of the film Steve And Paline was to be marrying Kira and Romu to see the spirit Steve's Mother about the rest of the life his Loving care

Personality Edit

Paline She was a lamb he is kind and helpful and kindess and responsivility and she was a adult when Steve tell is got to be a princess she is a loyal sheep

Physical Appearance Edit

Paline as a lamb with the big head and his eyes black and her pixal his dark black foot and a light brown with the leg when Paline as a young adult with The Head and His foot with dark black toes with light brown

Trivia Edit

  • Paline was a sheep When Steve's fell in love interest when she was a couple

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Princess/ Cevernice Princess