An Adventure game created in 2014 by Mathew Velasquez and NightMargin

Plot Edit

You, as the player, or, as referred to, their god, must guide the lost child Niko through a strange world, utilizing items, characters, and environment to progress. Trying to save the world and it's people from extinction by restoring its sun, there will be some obstacles, like the presence of a mysterious "Entity," who's trying to stop you from accomplishing your mission. And you, as the player, or the world's god, is involved in the final destiny of Niko and the world.


Ending 1Edit

If you choose to place the sun in the tower, the sun will be restored and the world begins to light up. It does not show what happens to Niko. However, according to some people, the world may still die.

Ending 2Edit

If you decide to shatter the lightbulb, Niko returns home to be with their mother again, but the inhabitants will never see the sun again as the world dies.

Ending 3 Edit

It is widely referred to as the 'Solstice ending' or the 'true ending' by many people. To obtain this ending, the player must have completed the game at least once, whether it be either ending, and have deleted their previous game file(s). Once the game has been relaunched, it will start just like the first gameplay, though some dialogue will vary. Once the player reaches the Mines in the Barrens, gameplay will proceed differently going on.

When the player and Niko eventually make it to the top of the Tower, Niko will place the lightbulb into the spire, illuminating the world once more (similar to Ending 1). After, Niko returns to the room where they had first woken up in, and walks off the window of the game (similar to Ending 2). Both the World and Niko are saved in this ending.

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