One Boy's Adventure

Creator: OneCanOfSprite2K9

Release: Unconfirmed

Genre: Mystery/Adventure

Gameplay Time: Unconfirmed(Only just started)

Status Working on BETA Test 1

Completion: I have no idea.


OneCanOfSprite2K9[1] has tried to make many games before, in RPG XP and 2k3, but has never finished one. now that he recently got VX[2], he plans to finally make a fully-fledged game.


Sam is a young teenager who was attacked by bandits when trying to leave his house. he realises that he may be able to get some answers from this shady group about the fate of his dad. But little does he know there is a bigger plot nobody will see coming...

Main CharactersEdit


The young hero of the game, out to find the true fate of his dad.


A young boy rescued by Sam, they team up to take on the bandits.


[Yes, the advance wars one, all copyright for character goes to Nintendo and Intelligent Systems] Why is this Ex-Black Hole Commander after the bandits as well? and what does he have to do with Zane's death? Whatever it is, he's keeping quiet about it.


A Pirate of the Seven Seas, Josh has been fighting the bandits for years, and is more then happy to lend our heros a helping hand, letting them travel the seas in his mighty ship.


Who is this girl? what does she have to do with Sam? And why does she keep popping up all the time?


Could this be the true master mind of all of this trouble? is he Zane's Killer?

Lesser CharactersEdit

Kane Oscar Tabitha Daniel The Bandits

Subsequent appearancesEdit

Sam was a Main character in an old cancelled game. Hawke stars in One of OCOS2K9's Video Series.

Locations Edit

Cosmos Land, Giga Land [copyright of youtube user RailMachanic1], Nepto Land, Red Rock Desert [Intelligent Systems], Septo Land, Macro Land [Intelligent Systems], Necros Land. Wow, what generic names :P


The gameplay also features a slight 'move and grab' technique where items you come across are used later in solving puzzles and Trading for Valuble Items, and there are a few 'Quiz' Sections where you can earn bonus Gold and Items etc. There are also many easter eggs to find, some giving out secret website URLs for content, others getting valuble items, and are usually kind of hard to find [hitting enter on certain spots, etc.]


All Credits to RPGVX and Nintendo/Intelligent Systems.


Advance Wars, Newgrounds Audio Portal [artists listed in game], Super Smash Bros and Devil May Cry 3.


No BETAs have been released yet so no reception is available. all that is said now is that some friends are anticipating the beta to give some feedback.

Title and release informationEdit

Nothing has been released ATM, but when game progress gets far enough i may put up a Public Beta if i feel like it.

External linksEdit

[3] [4]

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