Ninja Penguin

Creator: Jaberwocky

Genre: Action RPG

Status In Progress

Website: Game Site


Ninja Penguin started out as mostly a test project, just to see what RMXP was like. As I got more and more into it, it eventually evolved into a serious project, what it is today.


Your entire village has been destroyed. Family, Friends, Everyone you once knew, have been slain before your very eyes. The perpetrator of these vile deeds... ...Is none other than your brother. All that remains is a scarf, dyed red with the blood of your family and friends, and a sword which hungers for the blood of your brother. You searched for him for years, but to no avail. Giving up hope, you have retired to a small cabin in the mountains, close to a nearby village, and the grave where you buried your parents. But now, two years after the massacre, you run into your brother as you are visiting your parent's gravestone. Now is finally the chance for you to claim your vengeance! But fate has something else in store for you and your brother...



This is the main character of the story, and who you will be playing as. He is out for revenge on his brother for slaying their village.


Your brother, he is the one who massacred your village.

Gameplay Edit

The game features a side-view animated real time active battle system (Meaning enemies can still attack while you're deciding on your next move!). Each weapon in the game has different attack speeds, and will give you different skills as well. Unlike most RPGs, magic is not learned by simply leveling up. You will have to find and equip special orbs in order to gain abilities. In addition to this, the skills the orbs grant you may also be modified by the weapon you have equipped. I'm hoping this will add a bit of strategy to battles. The game has the standard RPG puzzles; pushing rocks/crates, spike traps, rolling boulders, switches, the usual stuff. The game will also feature an optional dungeon, the Eternal Catacombs. It selects the next floor randomly out of a group, so every time you go through it will be different. There is a semi-contest for designing puzzles for this dungeon that you can enter here. I think having several floors with puzzles designed by many different people will make a unique dungeon. ^_^b


Nearly all graphics in the game outsite the standard RTP have been made by myself.


So far, the game recieves positive reviews such as in the following reviews:

"Your game is fucking insane." -Ragnarok Rob
"Lookin' good so far. Keep up the work." -Chronic
"Your game looks great thanks to your great customizing skills." -gboichris

Release informationEdit

Demo version 1.5 has been released on the game site.

External linksEdit

Official Site Has demo, updates info, screenshots, the works o_ob

Dungeon Puzzle Design Contest The topic for the Eternal Catacombs puzzle contest.