The Mythica Series is an upcoming RPG based loosely on the Destiny Zero Book Series. All of the games are going to be interlinked over 4 ages: Lyros Age, Age of Industry, Age of Demons, and the Age of Mythos Luna.

Ages Edit

Lyros Age: After the legendary 1000 year War of Heiros and Lyros, over the Khaos Movement in the shattered realm, Lyros took over the entire world. The main goal of the Lyros Movement is to awaken the Shatter Lord and use it's power to destroy Heiros for good.

Games In this Era;

  • Mythica: Shattered Union
  • Mythica: The Death Touch Girl

Age of Industry: About 150 years after Lyros, vast amounts of minerals are discovered, and science gets to a new high. Fewer and fewer dark spots are left on the map, and now more people and species are being discovered

Age of Demons:


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