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Mogeko Castle is a horror RPG game based off of the Geko cat.

Although it was released in 2012 there has since been a reboot, as of 2014.

Mogeko Castle
Mogeko Castle-Title


Mogeko / Deap-Sea Prisoner

Release Date

April 1, 2012 (First Version)
June 04, 2014 (Latest Version)


RPG Maker 2000 (First version)
RPG Maker VX Ace (Latest version)


"Prosciutto Adventure Game"

Gameplay Time

Three (3) hours







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vai toma no cu

Yonaka Kurai, an ordinary high school girl, takes her usual train home only to fall asleep. When she wakes up, she is greeted with an unfamiliar station and an impending sense of dread. Determined to get home, due to her beloved brother's long awaited return, she attempts to escape the castle and all of the horrors it has to offer.


R-15 //Although the game producers have expressed that cultures outside Japan are less prone to this content making it R-18 

This game is very crude and sexually explicit. The Mogeko themselves are often depicted as molesters. Their sole goal in the game is to find Yonaka and either molest, rape and/or kill her.  

In one of the Mogekos' rooms, it's implied that all of them read pornographic books and magazines and they record their masturbation sessions. 


Yonaka Kurai Edit

The main protagonist of Mogeko Castle.

Yonaka is in her second year of high school. She wears a school uniform consisting of a brown coat with a red bow on top and a long-sleeved white shirt underneath. She also wears a checked school skirt.

Mogeko Edit

Non-existing creatures in reality who resides in the Mogeko Castle. Their favorite food is "Prosciutto" (Ham in the first version of the game). They attack high school girls to molest or rape them.

Shinya Kurai Edit

Yonaka's elder brother. Not much is known about him other than the fact that he ran away from home and that Yonaka has strong, or even romantic feelings for him. The game implies that there's a dark side to him, which is discovered near the end.


The founder of Mogeko Castle and its residents. He is also the one who created the seven special Mogekos. His plan is to have Yonaka all to himself.


A seemingly cute girl with a twisted personality. She was created by the Mogekos. They put in concrete instead of candy. She rules over the fourth floor, torturing and/or persecuting anyone who looks at her the wrong way. Due to this, the Mogeko live in fear of her, despite her girlish demeanor. In bad end 4, she makes Yonaka her "Toy"

Seven Special Mogeko:Edit

Somewhat Strange Mogeko  -  Helps Yonaka by hiding her in his room for awhile. He is the one who gave Yonaka the special knife that can cut through the special Mogeko's.

Prosciutto Fairy - Found in the second floor. They are the one who gives Yonaka the key that can unlock every lock of the castle.

Blood Spirit - Found in the third floor. He helps Yonaka and Mr. Defect Mogeko escape the third floor by sending his servant to warp them to the fourth floor.

Hasu - Found in the fourth floor. He gives directions to Yonaka and Mr. Defect Mogeko to head under Moge-ko's bed, where the secret passage is located. He is crucified and tortured by Moge-ko.

Mofuko - A cute, fluffy Mogeko seen at the fifth floor. Unlike the Blancfluffs, infected Mogeko that have a violent end, Mofuko is naturally fluffy.

Mocucko - A Mogeko that takes the shape of a chicken. He is located at the sixth floor and he helps Yonaka and Mr. Defect Mogeko head at the seventh floor using his warp, but failed because of King mogeko.

Nega-Mogeko (First known as "Mr. Defect Mogeko" by Yonaka Kurai) - Locked at the same cell as Yonaka when she was captured at the third floor. Mr. Defect Mogeko was wearing a chain connected to a heavy ball, which Yonaka unlocks. He, then, guides Yonaka to head towards the top floor to escape. He is shot by mogeko while transporting to the seventh floor, and soon admits that he is the seventh special Mogeko while they take shelter in a room.

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