Mintendo was created by 5tar (not real name is nessary). Mintendo is a fanbased game creation company that was created in October 14th, 2000. The company has alot of there logo changed for example the name Mintendo was the first another name was produced but not put into the public, this name was Clover Soft, although a website was made it was later removed.

List Of GamesEdit

The only game that is in development is the game called "Metal Hearts". It has been in development since March of 2007 and is only 2.5% completed.

Another game that might start in development is "Pokemon Ruby Red" note that this might not be the official name of the game. The second game that is being in development is a game called "Virus". Virus is a survival game.

List of games that will be released in 2008 - 2010Edit

  • . Metal Hearts, Winter 2008
  • . Virus, January 2009
  • . Pokemon Ruby Red, March 2009
  • . Metal Hearts II, TBA
  • . Final Story, TBA
  • . Metal Hearts III, TBA
  • . Chrono Crush, TBA
  • . Dash, TBA
  • . Metal Hearts IV, TBA

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