The New Born Of Sheep Edit

In the Beginning When Steve and Paline`s daughter The Couple Sheep Is Breed for the baby Sheep When a Baby Sheep Wants To see A new Born of sheep When Ivan And Pig had a New Baby The baby Sheep when is the new born Of Sheep When is a sheep when a Sheep Named Kira as A girl Sheep When Kira As a baby Sheep But the thing Him Tells about Then Steve And Paline Was In the Night When a new born of Sheep babysitter

Kira`s First hunt/Meets Romu/Wolves Edit

Years Later Overprotective Kira When Ivan And Pig Saying shouting GIRL When Kira Wants to tell his father When Kira Runs To The Place then Meets Romu is a mushroom Boy when Kira Tells That Chasing the wolves When The wolves Chasing Kira And Romu but the wolves Like a hyenas when the bad sheeps attack When Steve Use to save Kira when Romu`s Mother To Bring Romu`s Nether den Kira is smiling at Steve when is not him when Kira Telling his Father that could not him When Kira Takes Steve`s place but Flasher calling on Steve had a New Babysitter

My Lullaby/Take me of/the fire Edit

Years Later Nuko tells Romu that could to see The Lullaby Saying Sleep Dreams When Romu explained Nuko years later a Young Adult Kira is reunited Adult Romu`s Sratches like Scar When Kira Is ready To Hunting there they woke up By the smokesTakes His father`s place when the song on The new singer.When Kira wokes up the smelling the smokes When his father's placing the fire When Vatona Explained his Mother and father older When Steve angrily that Romu Are escaping Kira to Paline but then When Is Got Real Home Inside the den Steve angrily must follow.

The Strangers/Steve`s Nightmare Edit

When Kira tells Romu like a hunters When She calling His Father When She is at the back of Romu When Kira was Still Like a hunter then Is Got Night Nuko explain Romu's Mother she is use the claws to sharping him The next night Steve has a nightmare about their mother's death when Steve`s Mother to climb with his son Sagor in when Steve`s Mother is falling down When Sagor Transforming into Romu is throws To Steve is falls down Steve is little bit scared pretanding Panting it was next Paline

Staying The den/Not One of us Edit

Steve straching to His feet when Kira Tells That is HIm when Is got realing Friends But Kira explained Romu She Tells About the teenager When Kira Explained Romu That is not joking are not thinking Lika a baby. Liking Thime When Then Steve reunitied Then When Steve telling them saying to Kira ``Romu'' Kira tries to reach Romu telling Steve that one to forgivenes when Steve taking Song Not One of us When Romu is Leaving Back To the Den When is Late Home But the works Him Kira Tells His father that not here Says``Daddy Please when is go to meet Romu''Steve was So angry that Kira Are Unfotim When then Kira last word ``YOU WILL NEVER BE HIS MOTHER'' When Kira Was Staying in the barn Den When Is Looking For Him Kira Was sad.

Love Will Find away/The Final Battle/Ending Edit

When Kira was Looking For Romu Takes Father`s place When The wolves are coming But The wolves and sheeps are bad When Steve Telling Him.Kira angrily That Steve saying ``YOU WILL NEVER BE HIS MOTHER'' When Is got really shouting his mother When The Wolves are coming But The escaping there wolves hyenas When Vatona`s Ending but suddenly The hyenas Are attacking the wolves are bad When Kira Attacking Paline When Ivan And Pig When Nuko`s Death And also Romu`s Mother`s Death. At the End of The Film When Romu And Kira was fell in love and Pig And Ivan was out of tears to Ruda When Steve,Paline,Romu And Kira Is roaring family When Steve`s Mother spririt to saying ``Mother Mother grandmother grandmother'' When is Own birth of roaring ending.

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