The Beginning Edit

The Beginning Film With a long camera when in the movie Flasher(Partick Stewart) And Steve`s Mother(Russi Taylor) When a new Baby when in the song other there in logo film when a wolf named Sagor( Dee Bradley Baker) who is talking of her baby but Flasher gets a baby kid Steve(Max Charles) When his father and mother takes his place he is got new one

Braving the prince and princess/The Surounding the wolves Edit

Steve tells her father what if he says ``I Can I`m Doing This father" he saying about there mother tell the turth but Steve meets a lamb sheep named Paline(Vena Sood) Steve playing Paline a parrot named Ruda (Sam Eward) But then Steve And Paline Going the Placing the outlander wolves But the wolf like a hyena clan Just Like Him when is her mother telling there Other But then When is a wolf but Steve And Paline was Chasing By Sagor when is trapped but then is roaring the hyenas When Steve's Mother Using the claws To attcking the hyenas but then is not him when is there father when Steve's Mother growls angrily at Steve And Paline when is leave home and Ruda Leaving too Steve`s Mother when to sleeping on the den

The Greating Fasting/Mother's Death Edit

Six Later Steve And Her Mother Watching Going the Jungle She is going there food When is Sleeping is shocking then Steve and her mother going there House But Ruda Tells about Paline if could`n not saving her friends Ruda And Paline there Meets Again Ruda Plucking on Paline`s Wool When Sagor Taking Placing Steve`s Mother Eating a Grass when Sagor meets a minions wolves named Kai And Rajan atacking Steve`s Mother last saying ``FASTER FASTER STEVE DON'T COME BACK KEEP RUNNING KEEP RUNNING RUNNING'' when they heard Steve ``You made it Mother'' when is searching with his mother is dead But his Father saying ``Your Mother can be with you anymore'' Flasher tells Steve that about Steve`s Mother is dead it was killed by Sagor,Kai And Rajan When Steve Starts crying

Steve's First Hunting/Love Interest Edit

Years Later a young adult Steve(Daniel Gilles) And a Pig Named Pig and a Donkey named Ivan a young adult Paline is the first hunting again Steve tells Paline That is Mother is death when Pig And Ivan going the Jungle Forest sung Of Romance of couples when Pig Meets a Girl Pig named Sarah and Ivan Meets a girl donkey named Kuba is Ivan`s Love interest to be a couple when is got love tonight Steve and Paline to be a Couple.

Steve's Mother's Spirit/Takes Ruda's Places Edit

When Ruda Tells Steve that could Not Take Him Back But the wolves are Bad When Steve And Ruda Going to The Spririt about their mother`s last word ``Your my son Remember Who Are You that my place'' Mother wait No'' When Ruda tells About her Mothers spirit But Steve`s placing the forest den Pig And Ivan is sleeping Ivan And PIg facing on Paline's Eyes But Ivan And Her Body telling About Him,

The Final Battle/Ending Edit

When Steve and Paline Going to the place when Sagor and other minions Rajan with Kai Steve has a flashback about her mother's death when Pig To attack Him Problem when where is this one Rajan And Kai is now defeated Sagor falls down when the Killer Bunnies Defeat Him When is gone With my Friends But Sagor Began to kill him Rajan Chase Paline to the cave lands But it`s still bad the wolves are bad To kill him Paline And Ivan Doing there animals when they overjoyed the friends At The end of the Movie Steve and Paline To Be his Father and Mother When Ivan Had Giving the birth of baby Sheep with is own birth