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In Northern Germany there is a mansion owned by the Drevis family. There used to be Monika, Alfred and the little girl Aya, a happy family who loved each other deeply. Then one day, Monika passed away from illness. Young Aya never saw her mother die.

One year has passed since her death, and Aya and her father just live on. Alfred is always locked up in his basement "working", and Aya knows exactly what he does.

Even at a young age, Aya knew what her father was doing behind her back, what he was doing when he though she couldn't hear. The screams, the yelling, and the howling. And if that wasn't enough, she could see the way he looked at his assistant.

One night, Aya wakes up to her father's screams, and promptly checks the hallway to find two things approaching her. She learns her father's victims have come back from the dead, and in anger, wish to punish him. Aghast, Aya decided to save her father. But as she presses on through her now hazardous home, avoiding meeting the fate of the dead she begins to unravel the true circumstances surrounding her father and his experiments, and she realizes she must question her love for one of her parents.

Gameplay Edit

Like its spiritual predecessors Ib and The Witch's House, despite the fact it is an RPG, does not feature combat.

Aya must move around, solving puzzles, sneak across places and escape the clutches of the undead that wish to introduce her to their pain.

Collect the hidden gems to unlock an additional part to the ending, and choose wisely; there are namely three endings.Some endings may contain same experiences but be careful.


Aya DrevisEdit

The preteen daughter of Monika and Alfred Drevis. The most notable trait about her is her devotion to her parents, mostly her father. Her devotion is what will influence her decision in the end.

Alfred DrevisEdit

Aya's father and Monika's husband. He is known for the experiments he performs in the basement of the mansion. He is shown in the past of being very fond of his daughter. However, if the player chooses to save him, it's revealed how far he is willing to show his "love" for her.


Alfred's assistant. She used to be homeless until Alfred found her. He was originally going to experiment on her, but he changed his mind when she proved herself to be useful by saving another test subject. Just like Aya, she is devoted to Alfred, which proves to be dangerous in one of the bad ends. Neither Monika nor Aya liked her because of her affair with Alfred.

Monika DrevisEdit

Aya's mother and Alfred's wife. The game starts with Aya and Alfred discussing her death and seeing her grave. It's also noted that she is responsible for the curse placed on the household and Alfred's disappearance. Throughout the game, Aya reflects on some of her memories with her mother, including the discovery of Alfred and Maria's affair, and the "charm" she bestowed on Aya. The player can choose whether or not to grant her wish to kill her husband or to save Alfred and lose Monika.


A mysterious man whom informs Aya about the curse. It's never stated who or what he is, but it's implied that he is a demon. He is the one who helped Monika place the curse. If the player has played Misao, it should be noted that Ogre and Onigawa are the same person.


A boy whom Alfred experimented on. He is the only one who tries to help Aya escape, under Monika's orders of course. In the true end, he kills Alfred and sets the mansion on fire.


Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk.

Good/True End

If Aya chooses to save her father, her mother will disappear. Aya and her father will be returned to the lab where they embrace and mourn for Aya's mother. She will then appear and show Aya the scene how her mother died. Aya's father was discussing with Maria about turning Aya into one of his dolls when she reaches the "right age". Just as the conversation was ending, Aya's mother easvedropped and listened to her husband's plan. She stormed in and confronted him about his plans. She decided to take Aya away, but her husband pulled her back and stabbed her in the chest. Shocked by the revelation, Aya will start crawling away from her father and hit a container, holding her mother's corpse. No longer feeling the need to feign ignorance, Aya's father reveals to her what he had been doing all this time: turning humans into dolls via taxadermy and other ways. Aya will then say she doesn't want to be turned into a doll and runs away. This will trigger a chase scene with Aya's father carrying a chainsaw and laughing maniacally. They will stumble upon Maria who joins Alfred in the chase. Aya will hide under a tarp and Alfred, out of frustration, will strike Maria down and storm off. If the player chooses to save Maria, she will temporarily join Aya until they reach a long hallway. Aya will run off without her and, just as she's running away, will be held down by another doll. Aya's father will prepare to strike Aya when Maria shows up and throws knives at him, Just as Maria is comforting Aya, the doctor will try once more to kill Aya, but Dio, the blond boy from the beginning, will kill him and explain what he is going to do. As the mansion is set on fire, he places a kiss on Aya's forehead in reference to the good luck charm her mother gave her. Ogre will then approach Aya's father's corpse and promise him that he will research to his heart's content. Just as Aya prepares to leave with Maria, she finds a mysterious book, which she takes with her. Years later, Aya opens up a clinic, which examines patients for free. While she is working on a young woman named Jean, Maria states that Aya has become just like her father. This implies very heavily that Aya is continuing her father's experiments on new people.

Bad End 1

If Aya chooses to grant her mother's wish and kills her father, she will be returned to the human world. Maria, who will be returned herself, will be horrified to hear the doctor is dead and attacks Aya. She will take her to the lab and continue with the doctor's experiments, starting with Aya herself.

Bad End 2

If Aya chooses to save her father, but doesn't help Maria, Aya's father will succeed in killing her. He will have her propped up on a chair in the doll room, wearing a nice dress.

Secret End

This ending can be accessed if the player collects all of the gems in the game. This will show Ogre with Aya's father as they look at a young woman's corpse in a container. It's unknown if this is an alternate form of Aya, a clone, or if this is a girl who looks like Aya. All that is shown is Aya's father staring at her and calling her "Aya".

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