This section lets you customize the monster parties that the player will encounter in your game. To the left is a menu titled "Monster Party". It has the list of parties that you can edit, and there is the to change the maximum number that are available in the above menu. Options are to the right as always :)

Name- You can name the Monster Party as you wish. Auto Name Group- restores default name to monster party group that you are editing.

Battle Test- You can conveniently test battle the monster party that you are editing. Change BG- Change the Background for this monster party. The menu below is the list of monsters, you can add a monster to the left background, or multiple monsters. Click on the monster to the left and then on delete to remove it, or click clear all to remove all monsters from the background. Click "in row" to line up the monsters on the background to the left. Live In- Choose the general type of area where this monster party will tend to dwell.

Battle Events- This is just events that are triggered in battle, by a number of things (like switches). If you are familiar with events and other general set up options, you shouldn't have trouble using battle events. They are just like events that happen in battle, but there aren't ALL of the usual event options, simply because a lot of them wouldn't do anything in battle. Example: If you want a conversation to take place between the hero and the enemy after the hero is getting very weak, you can do so using a battle event. (set trigger to the one where Hero's HP is low.... and then put desired messages in event commands, etc)

Mastering the battle events will likely be the most difficult part of this section, but with a little practice you should be able to handle it. Once you have it all figured out, you can go to the next section... 'Attributes'