Lysander86- the creator of the greatest RPGmaker game ever, A Blurred Line. It is truly a work of art. This isn't just a game, this is an interactive novel. This man made a computer game come to life and touch the hearts of those who were lucky enough to play such a wonder. Every part of the created game fits perfectly together, even the much criticized graphics. Every part fits ideally in to create the overflowing affection the player has for the heroes. The graphics a mere reflection of the background of the story, the music a wonderful amplifier of the story, and the story, the core, the high density concentration of sly wisdom. And although my words are simple flattering and feelings on the subject, we all know that the Art always reflects the soul of the Artist, and I am sure that this man is not a simple man, be it his fantastic imagination drawn from experience of life, or his own personal history, he will be remembered just as the Spartan Lysander still stands in our history books today.

Best wishes to all, with peaceful ease

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