Little Red Riding Hood's Wolf (Akazukin no Ookami) is a mystery/horror RPG created by Haneda.

Plot Edit

Rosetta was just a shy little girl who lived with her grandmother Mary. However, Mary was murdered by a mysterious person and the killer is scot-free. While looking in the house for clues, she meets a boy named Camille, who wants to pay respects to the deceased Mary.

While at first Camille seems to be suspiscious, turns out that while Rosetta is an extremely shy and mild-mannered girl, when feeling threatened, she turns into her split personality Ster, who is much more aggressive and direct. Together, they must find the real perpetrator.

Characters Edit

Rosetta Edit

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A shy, quiet nine year old girl. She lived with an abusive father who often hit her, until she developed an split personality and killed him. She was adopted by Ms. Mary afterwards. Begin to bring a red cap after killing her father, but no one calls her Little Red Riding Hood.

Although she's shy and meek compared to the outspoken Ster, she has a violent side and is capable of taking a gun without hesitation, so she's not so different from Ster. She has blonde, short hair and blue eyes.

Ster Edit

The separate personality of Rosetta. He's loud and violent, cares about no one but Rosetta (though he comes to care for Camille as well). He's the true protagonist of the story.

Camille Edit

Rosetta Camille Ster

A shady-looking, kind-hearted young boy. He is an orphan human-werewolf hybrid who was adopte by Ms. Mary. Goes insane when the moon isn't full and must rely on the medicines given to him by Ms. Mary. Despite being a werewolf, he's kind and meek and acts as a morality chain to the violent Ster.

His name is an anagram of "ookami" namely wolf. When he is not wearing his hat two lively golden eyes are visible and has a pair of ears on the head.He can hear also from those.

Ms. Mary Edit

She's the adoptive grandmother of Rosetta and raised her and Camille separately. Already dead by the beginning of the story. Mary is actually working for the Academy together with her colleague J, a place where they developed fields such as alchemy and psychology. Camille and Rosetta were adopted by Mary in order to study his lycantrophism and her split personality respectively.

She was the one who prepared the medicine of the crescent moon for Camille. Is described as kind and always dispose to help others. She has written and illustrated a book of fairy tales about Camille's parents. Since Camille is an orphan, he reads them as a reference of how his parents were.

Perpetrator [???] Edit

The real culprit behind this story. Their name and gender are not revealed. It's implied they were a subject of the Academy and lived in isolation until meeting the Master, who forced them to kill innocent people. They accepted because the Master was the only one nice to them.

In the True Ending, its revealed that the Master is a split personality creater by them in order to cope with their miserable life. The Omake Room reveals they decides to atone for his sins and is imprisoned off-screen. Apparently, they're strong enough to break bones with their bare hands.

Endings Edit

Final One: The Forest's Wolf Edit

The Forest's Wolf

[You have still not yet, arrived at the truth]

This final will get if you choose "Flee" in the Camille's chase scene.

Camille is victim of his wolf impulses and tries to attack Rosetta. She escapes the house and vows to never return to the forest again.

Final Two: A Pitiful Wolf Edit

A Pitiful Wolf

[To arrive at the truth, requires the courage to approach it]

This final will get if you choose "Dodge" and then exit the grandma's house in the Camille's chase scene.

Camille returns to his senses for a while and begs Rosetta to leave the house before he could hurt her. She leaves the house, worried that hunters will come to attack him later and realizing how lonely Camille truly is.

Final Three: The Shadow Wolf Edit

The Shadow Wolf

[You came too close to the secret]

This final will get if you choose "Jump down" and you took the fire iron in the Camille's chase scene.

While escaping the Werewolf!Camille, Rosetta hits her head. Camille returns to his senses and apologizes for hurting Rosetta. Her violent Ster personality takes over and murders him with a crowbar.

Final Four: The Wolf of Darkness Edit

The Wolf of Darkness

[You missed a clue]

This final will get if don't read the yellow book into the room of 'assistant and, as a result, don't recover the knife from the well.

If Camille doesn’t find the knife in the well, he finds a severed hand in the attic. Before he could do something, Ster appears and kills him from behind.

Final Five: The True Wolf Edit

The True Wolf

[You didn't make it in time]

This final will get if time expires in the Ster's chase scene and hasn't taken the medicine in the blue's chest.

Camille can’t find Rosetta’s medicine in time and is killed by a berserker Ster.

Final Six: Wolf of the Stars Edit

Wolf of the Stars

[To reach the truth, it's just a little more]

This final will get if give the number one's medicine at Ster after taking it in the shed.

Ster decides to take Mary’s medicine, which will erase him from Rosetta’s mind. Camille burns down Grandmother’s house on Ster’s orders, the perpetrator escaped and Rosetta's mind has been broken.

Final Seven: Little Red Riding Hood's Wolf Edit

Little Red Riding Hoods Wolf

[You arrived at the truth]

This final will get if you destroy the medicine number one instead of giving it to Ster, position the radio in the assistant room and Camille in the dining room, turn on the radio, you hide in the closet, aspects that radio turns off, take the beads from the closet Grandma and throws them away fleeing to the hall.

Camille destroys the medicine, thus stopping Ster from erasing himself from Rosetta’s mind. The perpetrator is caught and Rosetta/Ster convinces him to atone for his sins. The Stinger shows Camille visiting his mother’s grave and since Rosetta lives happily now, Ester remains dormant in Rosetta’s mind.

Extra Final: It Was Yet Another Wolf Edit

This final will get if you unlock all seven finals. It’s a flashback of how Mary and J met in their youth.

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