Nova Hiwind

The story starts out on an exiled noble's deathbed. Dying, and alone he has only these words: 'Here I am.. on my deathbed. Compressing my life in a few hundred pages, in the diaries of an exiled Noble. To whom it may concern, my readers.. for the time you read this.. You are my closest friend. Born a noble, I was destined to be in a life of refined aristocracy. Better yet, I was next in line to rule the country of Poroure.. I find it humorous how lady fate deals her cards. I gather it was 20 years ago.. the day of my arranged wedding to the Maiden Claire Hart.'

The noble is to be married in a political marriage to an heiress of equal stature. He is quite young, and sadly he has reservations about marrying a complete stranger. He only desires to know what the 'peasants' know as 'true love'. His pleas are unheard for it'll break the tradition of the family's history of ruling the land of Poroure with pure blooded aristocrats. Upon meeting the heiress, they have many thing in common including being repelled by the idea of marrying without love. The noble was raised not to have 'peasant' emotions.. he's uncertain what he feels other than sense of duty. Slowly but surely, he realizes he's experiencing love in the company of the heiress. The noble hadn't been

Title Screen

allowed to explore his feelings for her for his trusted adviser betrayed him and his lineage for his seat in power. Narrowly escaping death by the help of the faithful knighted soldiers of Lest Aime Castle, Sir Ken and Lady Ky'lire. He escapes to an uncharted land, while his kingdom is overtaken by the adviser. The heiress was then raped by the adviser, then sold into slavery. The kingdom then wages war on the Eishu in the kingdom of Nivea.

The first half of the story advances into the nobles journey to get back into his castle and overthrow his adviser. (I wont give away that part since it'll ruin the surprise)


Murial X Maurice

The second half of the story is about a young forbidden orphan thief (note: forbidden is a race in harpine) that wishes to gather the story of the long dead noble and his travels over a century later. Her travels opens long closed wounds and exposes an old enemy of Poroure that his aspirations of greed and malice. On her travels she slowly unlocks a history of a royal family and a story of love, betrayal, hatred, jealousy, and loyalty.

To hear some of the games soundtrack, you may want to visit Legend of Harpine's Myspace.


  25+ musical tracks composed by Marius Masalar and MilkMan Dan
         as well as 2 original songs vocals by Yello Dart and Milkman Dan

Custom Menu Screen. Customized Action Battle, customized strategy battle, and customized turn based battle

War Campaigns. In the storyline of Nova Hiwind the player is given the option of fighting for a select race to extend the territory of said race. Battles in these campaigns are fought as in a strategy RPG.

Missions. In Murial's storyline you are given a chance to extend your talents. Depending on your job you can either; spy on the government of whichever location you are located, assassinate politicians or high ranked (even lower ranked) persons, become a rogue that fights for money, or just remain a thief and pick locks as well as pockets.

Huge world, Multiple Storylines, Animated Cutscenes, Voice Actors, Job Systems, War Campaigns, Alternating Jobs (Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Spy, Assassin, Delivery Girl, etc), Libraries helps you learn key things, Nobel System, Language System, Continuous Conflict, Pet feeding system, Slowed Down Combat, Lockpick system, Climate System, Starlight Job System, Hidden Movies, Unlockable Extra Missions, Camera angle changes, Beautiful Soundtrack


   Nova Hiwind:

A noble from an aristocracy, unaware of how to be free feels he is chained by tradition. He wishes to only be aware of how it feels to truly be in love. His father, a once benevolent noble and a quite renown leader is said to have been killed in war.

   Sir Ken:

Sired as a teenage by Nova's father, Ken has served the nobels of Lest Aime ever since. Seen numerous battles, Sir Ken has aged well into an expert in strategy and warfare. Though he's always drinking he seems more down to earth than the other knights.

   Lady Ky' lire:

Sired through Nova's father, Ky lire is the only forbidden as well as the only woman in the history of Poroure' to become a Knight recognized by Poroure.

   Charles I:

Nova's father, not much is known about him as a person. He's renown as a leader with a heart of gold. His last name has been changed with his rule, from Charles Monroe IV to Charles Hiwind I. This was seen as recognition to his contributions to Poroure as well as Harpine.

Claire Hart: Heiress to be wed by Nova Hiwind, her whole life has been dedicated to being refined for marriage into aristocracy. She seems hesistant to marry but upon meeting Nova her thoughts has changed, though not drastically.

   Jean Sinclare:

A woman who seems to resemble Claire Hart a little to well from the eyes of Nova.

   Murial Night:

A Forbidden orphan who was abused drastically as a child, her whole life she's been made an object through molestation and verbal abuse from her father. After the murder of her father she ran away eventually becoming an orphan.

   Maurice Lon:

A Weish orphan he met up with Murial and was thought to be long dead. Maurice was and always will be Murial's only love.

   Arshes Stile:

A soldier from the Eishu militia. He has been ranked overseer of the Dragon Flank, yet has taken leave to find traces of Aura.

   Basil Pomel:

A soldier from the Eishu militia. He has ranked under Arshes by choice, though he is normally disgusted by Arshes they've remained on friendly terms.

   Dorothy Saguna:

An everyday criminal who is in love with Arshes. She was once arrested by Arshes and never asked to be released.

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