Kuro (Main character)

Young Kuro knows that exploring a gallery is fun, and normal. But when she finds herself alone. She's about to face the hardest choice of her life.  

About Kuro's GalleryEdit

Galleries are spouse to be normal, but when Kuro visit's an gallery, she finds herself in a different gallery then before. As she travals farther she meets new characters, faces many puzzles and problems, and has to make choices in order to leave the gallery.


Different pieces of art come to life durning the game.


       -Ladies in Colors:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Purple

Also there will be '????'

Sometimes this will pop up, when Kuro does not understand a word, as she is 13.


Spoilders ahead for the plan of game; read at you're own risk:


Kuro is the main character of the game, the player choses the options for her. After exploring the mesuem, she finds herself alone. She soon finds a black rose, which symbolic of Terrible Luck, that she must keep with her.


Aiko is the second main character in the game, Kuro meets him in the black room, as he is found asleep on the Death Couch. He acts like an older brother to Kuro, but they seem to be lovers to others. Aiko's rose is Green which he stands for 'Protective'


Rin is the 'villian' like girl, as she is a painting. Her goal was to escape, many endings are chosen where she kills Aiko in order to be with Kuro. Her rose is pink as it says to show she stands for 'Death' her rose is a 'fake' farther into the game.

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