'Father Please i promise you''

Kira is a character in Minecraft The Movie 2 when is the daughter of Steve and Paline is the grandaughter of Steve`s Mother And the Daughter in law of Nuko

Story Edit

Kira is a lamb baby when Steve holds the sheep couple`s daughter when Pig Helps by there sheep parents when is got real sheep Kira explaned Steve in there when Paline is hunting then she meets Romu telling kira about his father`s daughter but Paline`s Daughter is gone when Kira And Romu chasing by wolves but Romu`s Mother had been to see him set the song of Find away my love when Steve angrily that Romu on his forgivness when Kira is reaching at Romu as Sagor but when is gone she is also found him at the end of the film When Kira angrily that Steve saying about Kira ``You Will Never be his Mother'' And Steve are become parents Kira and Romu love Pig and Ivan starts crying on his tears to Ruda When in the Movie Ending film,

Appearance Edit

Kira is a lamb With A Blue eyes On There on his Eye brows black When is brave with a female Sheep When Kira is a adolescent With a Sheep On a White wool When To be brave On His head she has a pink lipstick mouth on a skin With His Foot When Is to be brave

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