A system where a character can gain special abilities, stat bonuses and/or changes in appearance by changing their occupation or martial arts specialty in game. RPG Maker 2000 provided no direct support for this system, instead requiring developers to work out alternate means of implementing job classes. On the other hand, RPG Maker 2003 had a job class tile in its Database.

Common Job ClassesEdit


Typically strong, slow and with minimal magic capabilities. As implemented into many RPGs, warriors mainly use a sword, or some sort of bladed weapon. In other cases, a mace, club, ax, and other similiar weapons are used by this class.

White MageEdit

Specialize in restorative magic. In some RPGs, summoning is also added to the White Mage. This is relative to Final Fantasy 9 and 10, however. Also with restorative magic, some also have the ability to add bonuses to characters in battle. They use Rods, and their magic is sometimes used by paladin classes.

Black MageEdit

Specialize in offensive magic. Mainly uses a rod or staff. Sometimes they are seen using knives or even blunt weapons. Their magic is offensive, and sometimes they have the ability to degrade enemy attributes.


Specialize in speed and stealing items from monsters. They are often mixed with certain traits in stealth, and are often using daggers or knives. Their speed is usually the highest of characters.

Implementing Job Classes in Rm2kEdit

To create a job system where the character does NOT change a class, is very simple. Simply create the classes in the database, as you would create them as characters. Then, allow the user to choose what class he or she wishes to be, using simple dialogue and events.

Job Classes in Rm2k3Edit

Job classes in RPG Maker 2003 work just as easily as in the RPG Maker 2000 Simply refer to that.