hh If you easily understood the 'Skills' Section Tutorial, most other sections should be simple, since the Skills section has some of the more complex settings. To the left of this 'Skills' section, there is a menu titles "Items/Weapons". Here you can choose from the available items/weapons to edit. Below the menu is a

button, which, as usual allows you to set the maximum amount of items/weapons that will be available in the above menu.

To the right, you have the list of options available where you can easily customize each item/weapon.

Name- Give the item/weapon a name. Classification- This is what greatly alters the options. Choose from the list to decide what kind of item/weapon you want this to be. Price- Set the price for the item/weapon. Explanation- Describe this item/weapon, will be used to tell the player about it in menu systems. NOTE: Depending on what classification you chose, there may be more options, but it would take a great amount of time/space to fully describe each option in this tutorial. I will briefly touch on a few of the common options though:

If you encounter a menu titles 'hero possible equipment' or 'hero enabled exorcism', just check which character(s) you want to be able to use this item / weapon.

  1. of ability change- just set how much you want each area to change when this item/weapon is used.

Change state- You can change the condition.. Normal, poison, sleep, etc.