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Insanity is an RPG horror game made by Uri. This is Uri's first video game and the only one that hasn't been given a translated release.


A group of high school students are told of an old mansion that is supposedly haunted. One day, they decide to go investigate it. They look around and stumble upon a corpse in the dining room. They attempt to leave, but they quickly discover the front door is locked. Now they have to find a way out while avoiding the dangers that the mansion holds.



The leader of the group and the main playable character. He's very compassionate about his friends. He's the one who discovers the hidden lab.


The main girl and Keisuke's best friend.When she meets the scientist, he initially mistakes her for his dead daughter. She's the only one who, for a while, is not in danger. She briefly spends some time with Murai, but it ends when she sees Riho strapped to a medical bed. She can choose to either save her friend or let her die.


The grandson of Murai's butler and a minor character. For a majority of the game, he's unimportant and rarely seen outside of his group of friends. He, along with Ryouji and Keisuke, manages to find himself in the underground lab and unintentionally discovers Murai. He ducks into a locker, but is freed by Keisuke later.


The secondary female character and Ryouji's love interest. Early in the game, she finds Ryouji stabbed and, for a while, stays with him. In a fit of rage, she decides to go looking for his attacker, but is captured by Murai. The player can choose to either let Murai kill her or they can save her. Either choice will alter the game's outcome.


The secondary male character and Riho's love interest. After he and his friends discover the corpse in the dining room, he's attacked by Murai. Later, he's taken to his underground lab and locked up in a cell. 


The smart guy of the group. He manages to learn about the mansion's history and the inhabitants. After an encounter with Murai, he goes into his underground lab where he finds Ryouji conscious. He attempts to break him out, but Murai discovers him and promptly knocks him out.

Shigeki MuraiEdit

A former scientist and the primary antagonist of the game. He, for the most part, is off screen and spends his on-screen time chasing after the main characters. When he encounters Kyouko, he assumes that she is his daughter who is somehow alive.


  • This is one of the few Uri games not translated in English.
  • This game is made on the Wolf RPG Maker Software, which is used for Misao.
  • Riho's scream upon discovering Ryouji is similar to Aya Drevis.
  • the story plot is very similar to Mermaid Swamp, another one of Uri's games.

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