I'm a Bee RPG
I'm A Bee RPG

Creator: thewrongsorcerer

Release: May 27, 2013

Genre: Adventure/RPG

Gameplay Time: 5 minutes (estimated)

Status Complete

Completion: 100%


I'm a Bee RPG is a free role-playing adventure game made by thewrongsorcerer in RPG Maker 2003. The game seems to be made as a joke as its trailer claims that it was made in only 2 hours.


Explore the world of a beehive to unlock its hidden mysteries.


  • Bee - The main character who must explore his fantastic surroundings
  • Bee - He is a bee.
  • Bee - He is a bee.
  • Bee - She is a bee.
  • "Bee" - He is not a bee.

Subsequent appearancesEdit

There are no subsequent releases at this moment in time.

Locations Edit

  • Beehive - The beehive in which you explore

Gameplay Edit

There is a hidden room and a hidden ending.




Imma be by the Black Eyed Peas


This game has gotten little to no reception.

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