Creator: dethmetal

Release: 2007

Genre: Action

Gameplay Time: 1-2 hours(estimate)

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Completion: {{{completion}}}

Website: none

Download: Here!

Hellucination is game created by dethmetal, released in September of 2007. It was originally scheduled to be released during August. It is a top down shooter with gameplay similar to Doom, Halo, and even the Legend of Zelda.


Demons had always stayed in hell, and humans had always stayed in their worlds. But things had changed. Demons had found a way to leave hell, and they had taken a virus with them that they themselves were immune to. The virus corrupted human minds, disallowing them to feel emotion. The humans became ruthless killers and slaughtered their own, resulting in a civil war between humans as well as a war between demons and humans. But that was in the past, happening all the way back in 2030. Now it's 2141. The humans are struggling to survive after a disastrous World War III. The war between demons and humans seems to only exist in history textbooks. The vaccine for the virus has been lost, and no one remembers what it was. This is why the demons have decided to attack again, and they have brought the virus with them.

But theres one person who can prevent this virus from spreading. His name is Edgar. He was cursed in 2021 during the first war and cannot age. He is the only person alive that remembers the cure, and the only person who can prevent the war. History is doomed to repeat itself, and this is why history should be remembered.


The first chapter of Hellucination has very little characters and character interaction. The main character of Chapter 1 is Edgar, a cursed man who cannot age. He seems to be an expert with using weapons and swords. He has the power to sense lost souls, and can even carry them with him with his soul bag.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is very fast paced and involves quick thinking and reflexes. However, many levels involve solving puzzles and defeating bosses. There are a few weapons available to the player in Chapter I, including a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, uzi, and a sword. The next release will also feature weapons such as mines, railguns, rocket launchers, and psychosis guns, which shoot darts that cause the enemy so cease attacking the player.

External linksEdit

Download link Screenshots and info

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