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Fire Legend is a turn-based RPG made from RPG Maker 3.

It is about the unraveling of the Church of Arughes's secret relating to one man's amnesia.

Fire Legend


Creator: Fantasy Mind

Release: TBA

Genre: Turn-Based RPG

Gameplay Time: TBA

Status: Developing

Completion: TBA

Website: TBA


Contents Edit

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Story Edit

The Story follows a young adult, Sky Aegis, as he uncovers a secret so powerful that it may put the whole world at risk. So he must destroy the Church of Arughes, to accomplish this while at the same time, continuing a long battle that has lasted for roughly his entire life:to reclaim his memories.

Characters Edit

Sky Aegis- A spy for the Mesyuia District. Sky is suffering from amnesia, and is willing to do anything to uncover his true past.

Dynast Kain Lightshade- The Dynast of Mesyuia and the Pope of the church. A mystery is brewing about in the church, and he is a prime suspect..

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Gameplay Edit

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