(This whole article is written by the creator of this game, LuvinLatia) In the world of Tetra, there were 4 continents. One of them is ruled by four leaders. each with the power of one of the four elements. Windoria, Natino of Wind. Lutia, Nation of Water. Tinori, Nation of Earth. Ixine, Nation of Fire. Each ruler reigns over the continent together without conflict. Each leader is kind and generous to their people too. But recently Empress Windora has been unsatisfied with her country. She also has taken a sudden interest in her daughter's powers. Empress Windora fires up a war between the four countries. This is where Final Fantasy: An Empress's Reign begins....

The plot to this game is based on Final Fantasy IX mixed with an original plot.

Chapters Edit

Chapter 1: Search for the Princess

Chapter 2: Escape to Lutia

Chapter 3: The Plead of Lutia

Chapter 4: Rescue

Chapter 5: The Forbidden Kingdom

Chapter 6: Onward to the Wild World

Chapter 7: Remember the Forgotten

Chapter 8: Heat It Up on the Forzen Continent

Chapter 9: Return to Windoria

Chapter 10: Collect the Four Talismans

Chapter 11: The World Unseen

Chapter 12: Destruction

Chapter 13: The Crystalline Realm

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